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Congratulations on your long 3 anniversary of the Time:2017-03-20 14:32:07 

Congratulations on long 3 anniversary of the founding of the light electricity, March 18, 2014 shenzhen long light electric co., LTD. Was set up, on the day of the third anniversary of the long light electricity for the third time is the last 3 years a housewarming. This three years we´ve gone through ups and downs, bitter, tired, happy, sorrow, also had to give up, but never give up, we survived, here we sincerely thank the following people:
1, thanks to our own, because we insist on the positioning in the high-end product quality, the lowest price, not for profit and low-end inferior raw materials into the guest, not the problem whether by breach, sometimes even oneself lose money also will make a perfect after-sale, we consciously, with credit for eery process, each module