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Tiananmen square big autumn night concert live on Time:2017-02-25 18:32:15 

On September 19, 013 at 7:30 in the evening, tiananmen square, bright lights, as the music square. Live in last night, with a giant screen in the Mid-Autumn festival, China national radio orchestra in the national grand theatre concert hall concert performance grand Mid-Autumn festival! 8 from tiananmen square around the outdoor screen will also be broadcast of the concert.
Tiananmen square the screen live concert, bring a lot of surprise to visitors. According to tiananmen´s council, 7:30 last night to return a total of four thousand friends from all over the world, China national radio orchestra live to appreciate wonderful concert form through the Mid-Autumn festival the Mid-Autumn festival. Many tourists choose to stop listening to the beautiful music. China national radio orchestra played live