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Especially "typhoon storm south China LED display Time:2017-02-25 18:34:21 

According to the national meteorological center released on July 13, 2013, at the same time high temperature, heavy rain, the typhoon warning, is expected to tomorrow´s super typhoon landing "especially" will be heavy rain on guangdong, guangxi, hainan and other places.

At present during the peak summer travel, coast there are many tourism projects, a lot of tourism personnel, people generally lack of consciousness of typhoon and experience of tourism, coastal projects under construction and the enterprise is more, another early in the drought region outcrop, part of the crowd may be eager to rain, in terms of defense heavy rain will be a little paralysis of thought.
Light electric co., LTD. Shenzhen long warm warn broad LED display operator, operator, please pay close attention to "especially" typhoon, do a good job in electronic screen protection and to guarantee normal operation of the LED large screen screen