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Shenzhen long bright LED electronic screen for InnTime:2017-02-25 18:35:19 

Shenzhen long bright marketing good news, the company for some well-known five-star hotel design in Inner Mongolia international garden in perfect recently completed hall, get great affirmation of customers.
It is understood that the international garden design concept from shenzhen long bright hall Tan Jinbao, marketing director tan director engaged in LED display industry for nearly 10 years of experience, to the design, the effect of LED display is quite understand, to provide successful LED display, LED lighting solution more than thousand. The international garden hall is composed of multiple P6 table post full color, full color, P10 table table P7.62 full color composition, respectively installed in the garden the main stage background, wing of hall, ceiling and pillars, surrounded the entire hall garden, give a person with a strong sense of visual impact