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Shenzhen long bright LED to ger creates minimum diTime:2017-02-25 18:36:38 

Shenzhen long bright marketing there was big news, undertake ger millions of LED screen opposite sex project production has been completed, was set off for Inner Mongolia.
According to shenzhen long bright Tan Jinbao marketing director, to undertake the stage project of Inner Mongolia, which LED to the opposite sex screen belongs to the LED industry minimum diameter cylindrical LED screen, screen size for P10 indoor full color, production technology belongs to the LED watch is stuck. Screen module is composed of 512 points, with independent research and development of point by point correction technique, ensure uniform between point and point. Bad light emitting diode can be replaced individually, do not affect the use of other luminous tube, reduce maintenance cost. Using the latest technology of video control system, display color is clear. The best stadia 8 m ~ 55 m, full compliance with ornamental demand